Software Services

SEA software engineers specialize in custom database application development and related technical consulting activities. To optimize solution performance and cost management objectives, SEA supports both conventional and leading open source platforms and development tools.

SEA hosts application and email solutions using the following data center best practices:

Quintuple-homed Network
Connectivity comes from five physically distinct 100 Megabit connections.
Electrical Power
Power is supplied by APC's latest Silicon Series UPS system. APC's Delta Conversion On-line technology offers the optimum power protection service for servers, telecom, air conditioning, and other mission-critical applications within the facility. In the event of a brownout, blackout, or over voltage our UPS provides battery back-up that aids in saving data by keeping computer systems running without interruption - before switching over to a diesel generator.
APC's redundant AFX series provides the high volume Air Conditioning and backup systems required to cool server cabinets and maintain the proper overall environment for vital network and communication equipment.
Building Security
The facilities are protected by a sophisticated closed-circuit television system, a long-term digital storage system for video surveillance, and a state-of-the-art biometric scanner access and security. Keyless access to server cabinets offers a new level of proactive management allowing remote monitoring and logging of personnel access, Web-based management of cabinet environmentals, notification of security breaches, and monitoring of cabinet door latches.
Fire Suppression
FFM-200, state-of-the-art fire-suppression system is central to the overall protection and security. The FM-200 system is designed to extinguish a fire in ten seconds or less. The FM-200 system uses a clean, odorless gas that leaves no residue and will not short out servers and communications equipment, or damage data files and software.

SEA software engineers are recognized contributors to the open source community (Plankton) and have presented at the prestigious O’Reilly International Open Source and Google I/O Conferences.