Plankton is a Web Application Framework - an integrated collection of classes that provide the building blocks and underlying architecture for an entire web application - for the PHP scripting language.

Plankton consists of both a general-purpose class library, which provides the basic building blocks of a PHP web application, and framework-specific classes, which provide a streamlined architecture for PHP web development.

    General-purpose class library features:
  • Generating HTML
  • Creating and processing XML
  • DBMS-independent database functionality
  • Creating PDF documents
  • Many others, including session management, abstract data types, and network protocols
    Framework-specific features:
  • Classes that can configure themselves from XML configuration files
  • Advanced form classes
  • "MegaWidgets": Self-contained, mini-applications that can easily be dropped into a web page

Perhaps the best feature of Plankton is how well all of its classes work together. For example, Plankton makes it easy to gather some data from an XML file, and some from a database query, and present it either as a web page or a PDF document.

Where can I get it?

Plankton is no longer publicly available since the shutdown of Google Code.